More days in Split.

Breakfast on the patio at our B&B.

We  stayed in Split for a few more days to wind down from the boat trip. Our little B&B advertised itself as having a view of the water, if you sat precisely here and looked through the neighboring buildings.  It was quiet at night and the owner was very helpful with any local information that we needed.

East gate to the city.

Days were spent walking the streets in and out of Diocletian’s Palace and savoring the sights. Split was full of tourists, many of them young and giving off that carefree backpackers vibe, but overall not too many to feel too overcrowded.

GREGORY OF NIN was a bishop in the medieval Croatian capital of Nin. Rubbing his toe for good luck.

You are free to walk the narrow alleys and become immersed in the interconnecting architecture but have to buy a ticket to visit the underground chambers and a few other select attractions.

Inside the vestibule.
Photo op.
Entrance to Lucy’s crypt below the Cathedral of St Domnius Treasury.
Saint Lucy crypt, dedicated to the holy Lucie of Syracuse one of the last victims of Christian persecution under the reign of Diocleation.
Statue of St John the Baptist in the Jupiter Temple.


Climbing the bell tower.
View over to Marjan  Hill where we hiked up on our first day.
The Bell.

Willy and Jo-Ann were with us for a while and we walked the promenade to the east of the city – Idyllic!

Walking the promenade.
Aren’t I lucky!

Later on we take another walk along the promenade past all the restaurants offering 1 liter cocktails for 100 Kuna ($14 as of 2022). Why not? and we settle down at a table to enjoy the view and have a “sex on the beach” drink.

Idyllic Dalmatian Coast.
1 liter of a Zombie cocktail.

Onto the second liter, “Zombie”, and soon there was a bevy of young nubiles dancing in front of me and jumping into the refreshing water. Was it the alcohol or was it for real? Could not resist capturing an image for you all to enjoy.

Serendipity view.
Goodbye Croatia.

On on that delightful note we will leave Croatia with pleasurable  memories.