Kauai Mishmash 2

Just before the Hanalei river enters Hanalei Bay there is a kayak rental from where you can paddle upriver to the wild life refuge. They have a ramp where you get into the kayak and then they shove you down and away.

Launch ramp for our kayaks.
Susan & Ross.
Ann & Jerry.

We were all in doubles, that’s all that was available, and we paddled upriver to see what we could find.

Cruising up river.
Under the one way bridge leading into Hanalei.
Looks like a heron to me.
Plenty of freshwater turtles warming themselves on the low hanging branches.


Still paddling.
On our way back.
The kayak team.

To get to Waimea canyon from Hanalei you have to drive 3/4 way around the island and that takes time. The first time we went with Chris, Charley, Tommy & Caroline and all squeezed in their SUV. While it was sunny at the bottom and on the way up  Hwy 550, the top was socked in and the views were nil.

One of the first Waimea Canyon overviews.
Waimea Canyon.
Distant view of Waipo’o Falls.
Self registering for the canyon visit.

There is an “entrance” fee for tourists (locals are exempt) and it is structured around the parking as there is no entrance kiosk. At all the parking lots there are self-serving machines and you need to pay $10 per car and $5 per person. Enforcement seemed to be lax, no one is going to ask you for your ticket so it all seems a bit wishy washy to me.

Little mushroom nestled in the grass.

The second time Rose & I came back for a view and a hike when we had no house guests. The weather cooperated and it was beautifully clear.

Kalalau lookout parking with Kokee Air Force Radar Station in the background.
Beautiful day to gaze down to the Kalalau Beach we hiked to on our arrival.

After the touristy views from the to we backtracked along the road for a bit and set off on the trail to the top of Waipo’o Falls.

View from Cliff Trail Lookout on the Waipo’o Falls trail.
On the trail.
View from top of Waipo’o Falls.
That’s the river that fuels the falls!
All the helicopter tours swing by.
Red dirt runoff.
Picturesque Red Dirt waterfall.

Another hike that we did twice was the Nounou trail or more easily remembered as the Sleeping Giant trail. There are about 3 different trail heads and we chose the West Trail as it seemed to be the most direct.

Trailhead for the Sleeping Giant trail., officially Nounou Trail.
On the way up.
Looking down at Wailau River. We had rented kayaks just this side of the bridge at the mouth.
Nice views.
This outcrop of rock is known as the giants chin when viewed from the bottom.
Hiking girls.
Looking up to the chin.
Inland view.
Bristled brushes to clean your boots and prevent the spread of invasive species.
Opaeka‘a Falls, easily viewed from the roadside, no hiking involved.

Then there is the cute, touristy town of Hanalei which was also our nearest for supplies & eating establishments.

Jerry & Ann enjoying shaved ice.
Hanalei vibe photo.
Salad at The Hanalei Gourmet.
Fish taco’s with mahi mahi – delicious.
Popular Tahiti Nui restaurant / bar.
Tahiti Nui.
Now we’re talking.
Caroline, Rose & Charley down at Hanalei beach.
Someone’s romantic photo shoot on the pier.
Sunset at Hanalei.

One morning we awoke to a partial power outage. Turned out one leg or phase was out and I called the local power company. They were right on it and a truck was on the scene within a few hours. The wire had frayed from rubbing on he trees but only affected us (on the right) and some cottages on the left.

Power company fixing our outage.
Breadfruit, I think.
Susan & Ross on the deck.
Donkey Beach.
Playing tourist at Donkey Beach.

We had secured a second round of permits to do the day hike to Hanakapi’ai Beach and then 2 more miles inland to the falls by the same name, this time with Susan, Ross, Ann & Jerry.

Back on the Kalalau Trail, this time to Hanakapi’ai Falls.
Hiking over to the beach.
Down to the river.
Bouncing across the river.
Hanakapi’ai beach.
Bamboo grove on the trail up to the falls.
First view of Hanakapi’ai Falls.
An inviting pool mandates a swim.
Kilauea Lighthouse.
Nene, the Hawaii state bird.
Enjoying a “painkiller” and the moody seas.
Hanalei vantage point.
Just chilling on the beach.
The one way bridges. Wait for oncoming traffic to clear before proceeding.
Full moon rising. The same one that was eclipsed on November 18, 2021.

An absolutely brilliant time – must go back to enjoy it again.

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  1. It certainly was a Brilliant Time Andre & Rose! We loved every minute of it! Thank you again for including us in your 70th year of celebration!

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