A wet Ua Pou and a celebrity cemetery.

Approach to the town of Hakahau on Ua Pou.
Berthed in the small bay.

We docked at a small quay right on the beach which afforded some good swimming. A hike was advertised and plenty of passengers jumped at the opportunity for some additional exercise. The hike was up a dirt road to a cross overlooking the bay. Dark clouds shielded the sun and on the way down it started to rain, not hard, just a soft get wet rain. We didn’t bother with any sort of protection knowing that the sun would come out and dry us off.

Hike up to cross with a rain shower imminent.
Rose & Guss.
Doesn’t look like it but it was raining.
Gus looking down at the Aranui 5.
Roads were flooded after the rain but dried up in a few hours.
You guessed it – internet hot spot.
That’s Manfred on the right, a resident German who makes chocolate and sells it to the tourists.

We had lunch at a local restaurant and then explored some of the quiet surrounding streets which were plentiful with fruit and flower trees.

The bananas are smaller than we’re used to.
Paul sipping away at his fresh coconut water.
Noni Fruit, I heard that it was eaten more for its medicinal properties than it’s taste.
Ginger plant.

Wishing the clouds would lift to reveal the tall volcanic spire.
OK, this lady intrigued us. Even on board she would walk around in her full exploration outfit.

On getting back on board we noticed all the local kids having a grand time on the stern line that would slowly slack till it was in the water and then rise up and tighten. Click on the photo for a YouTube of the action.

Fun on the stern line.

That night we anchored in a quiet bay and had a buffet dinner out on deck – couldn’t get any better.

Somewhere around 3 am the Aranui raises her anchor and steams off to Atuona on neighboring Hiva Oa. Atuona’s claim to fame is that both Paul Gauguin and Jacques Brel are buried here. A circuitous hike was offered and again there were plenty of takers although we were asked to follow the guides lest we take a wrong turn and get forever lost on Hiva Oa.

Rose & English Peter waiting for the walk to begin.
The column sets out but spreads out quickly offering more breathing space around the next bend.
We are berthed in a neighboring bay with the town over the rise beyond the yachts.
Our walk was an up & over affair.
Descending on the towns cemetery.
Gauguin only spent the last few years of his life on Hiva Oa and is more of a tourist celebrity than a local one.
Similarly with Jacques Brel who was rushed to France for end of life medical care and whose body was then brought back to Atuona for burial.
Gauguin’s museum.
Jacques Brel’s museum with his twin Beechcraft named Jojo after a good friend.
Jacques Brel.

We walk back to the boat along the road – hot & sweaty but we feel we need the exercise and why not.

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