Heading down to Baja with Baja Amigos

Our spot in Potrero where we are meeting our fellow travelers.

Hello everyone.  Kicking off  the new decade  with  an  RV  trip south  of  the  border  to  unexplored  (for  us  anyway)  Baja  California.

Walked across the border into Tecate to get our Mexican tourist cards.
Tomorrow we will drive through the border on our way down to Baja.

This is just to get things going again. More as we head into Baja.

4 thoughts on “Heading down to Baja with Baja Amigos”

  1. This is great! We are seriously considering heading down the Baja in a few weeks in our Winnebago View 24J (different color, though.) We’ll be anxious to read about your adventures down that way. As in, do you have trouble finding ultra low sulphur diesel? Happy travels!

    1. Hi Lee, good to have you along.
      I believe most, if not all, the diesel in Baja is ULSD. We are in Guerrero negro and have had no problems filling up along Mex 1.

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