Left Zion backup through the tunnel and then east towards Lake Powell and Page. We decided to break the journey towards Monument Valley with a stopover at Wahweap.

Wahweap,  Lake Powell.
Boat ramp, always something to watch.

Went for a late afternoon walk down to the water and watched the boat ramp for a while. There was one team with a pickup and it’s boat trailer in the water waiting to retrieve it’s boat except the boat guy could just not get lined up to make it onto the half submerged trailer. Took him about a dozen tries before he eventually made it. Then a bunch dropped two jet skis into the water and immediately turned their pickup around so they could jump start one of the skis – would not want to be on it out in the middle of the lake! One crowd had it down to a tee. Truck backed into the water and the driver kept his feet dry in the cab. Boat comes in onto the trailer, skipper walks forward and peers over the bow and then guns the engine just enough to nudge him forward onto the trailer where he could lean over and hook the boat to the trailer and crank himself in a bit. Signals the driver and they’re out of there all while two boat passengers lounge in  the back.

On the way into Page we picked up another chip in the windshield. This arrogant pickup came screaming past us and spewed a handful of stones at us. Anyway found a glass guy who could plug it and buy me some time before I have to get the windshield replaced, that’s three plugged chips we have.

Getting a windshield chip plugged in Page, AZ.
The “frog” is the gadget used to inject resin into the chip.

Leaving Page we head east and up towards Utah and Monument Valley area. No fixed place to stay but I did hope for a spot at Goosenecks State Park near Mexican Hat. Now the parks website tells me that there are 8 designated, unreservable, sites and I hope to get lucky and snag one. The lady at the entrance was vague about what constituted a site and left me with “don’t worry, you will find one”. We drive slowly down the rough rim road and find a rim side spot with a fire ring so I recon we’re OK. Turns out they don’t care about designated spots and let in everyone who wants to spend the night. There were at least 14 “campers” there, from big rig, smaller RV, popups and simply people sleeping in their cars. So much  for that.

We certainly enjoyed our two nights here.

On the rim at Goosenecks State Park.
Our spot.
Looking straight out of our door.
Gooseneck it is.
The rim we’re on looks south into the low arc of the sun.
More of the gooseneck.
Solitary entrance.

Nearby is Hwy 261 and the Moki (ancient Puebloan people) Dugway (roadway carved from a hillside) that takes you 1000′ up a cliff face. Left the RV behind and took the Subi for a joyride.

Bottom end of Moki Dugway.
From afar you have no idea how a road can climb this cliff.
Dirt switchbacks all the way up.
Mack truck taking no prisioners.

We were going up and the pickup to the right above going down. We both got out of the way for the Mack truck hauling ass as if he owns the road.

Top view down.
THE, Mexican Hat.

Balancing rock that gives the town it’s name.

Next stop is around the corner to Valley of the Gods.

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