Welcome to Puerto Escondido.
Protected harborage At Puerto Escondido.
Sunrise over our parking lot campground.
Lighthouse at Mulege.
Picture window from the beachbar.
Happy hour on someones deck.
Mulege “airport”.
Groupie at the mission.
Mission at Mulege.
Do you know where you are?
Long river mouth.
Campground pool was a bit chilly for swimming in.
Caravan girls.
Overnighter outside Guerrero Negro.
Bahia de Los Angeles.
The road in.
Beachside camping.
Up on the hill overlooking Bahia de Los Angeles.
Old growth.
I think it’s a permanent setup.
Lone sailor.
Another one unlikely to move.
Just a place on the beach.
Ready to roll.
I’m quite happy where I am.
Hike above our layby.
We’re in the desert.
Hotel parking lot.
Last stop on the Baja Pacific.
San Clemente to detox.
Til next time.

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